Jiggle Wiggle?

I thought you could do with something a bit lighter than some of the stuff that's in the news this week.

"Jiggle Wiggle" (I kid you not) is the actual name for a three month campaign by Derbyshire NHS where - apparently - STI's are massively on the increase in over 60's.

Now, have they just discovered sex? Possibly. It appears that soaring divorce rates (it doesn't say if this is exclusive to Derbyshire, let's assume not), the rise of online dating and a general appetite to crack on and get the most out of life before they die, has fuelled a crisis in casual sex for over 60's.

Apparently, because we women are through the Menopause by that age and men may well have had a vasectomy, we're all at it like rabbits but without any protection against STI's. There's a 25% rise in gonorrhea in men and a 25% rise in Herpes in women. Lovely. Imagine if you get a combination of the two.

The worst is that our generation is meant to be setting an example to those younger than us. I know that most of my friends have been rabid about their children using protection so why don't we give ourselves the same duty of care? If you did the self love sheet from Wednesday's blog, add "no STI's" if you were a bit light on the list. It seems there's many who can't.

Anyway, if you're in Derbyshire, over 60 and feeling it this weekend pop along to a community centre or foodbank for your Jiggle Wiggle pack - they'll sort you out proper!

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