What is Time of Your Life (TOYL)?

We are a beauty, lifestyle and treats subscription box for the 40+ woman

How much does a subscription cost?

£24.99 per month for 12 months, £29.99 per month for 6 months or you can purchase just a single box for £34.99.

Do I have to order my box every month?

No, once you've signed up for the subscription your box will automatically be despatched on the 28th of each month.  if you want to cancel, you need to do so in your account by 10th of each month, otherwise your box is confirmed.

If you're buying your box as a one-off then yes, you'll need to place an order each month.

Can I take a holiday from my subscription?

No, once you've signed up you subscription rolls on each month.

What do I pay?

£24.99 for the 12 month subscription box, £29.99 for the 6 month or £34.99 for the one-off.

This includes VAT, delivery and the cost of the box in total.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel online within your account.  If you're having problems doing so drop us a note at info@toyl.co.uk, but we'll be sorry to see you go.  If you are still within your contract period, you cannot cancel.

How do I change my billing or delivery address?

Simple, log into your account and change the details there, but do so before the 18th of each month for that month's box or it will go to the existing address.

Can I return my box?

Should you wish to return a box back to us, please do so within 14 days of your box being received. After this period, we will not accept your box back for a refund.  Please note that boxes will only be refunded if all of the products are returned in good condition with the seals intact.

To return your box back to us, please e-mail our customer services team at info@toyl.co.uk and we will issue you with a returns number.  Returns cannot be accepted without this.

Please note that we are not responsible for covering returns postage fees - it's fine to send your box back via a Standard Delivery Service but we do ask that you keep your proof of postage receipt in the event that your box does not reach our Warehouse.

When is payment taken from my account?

Payment is taken on 28th of each month except for your first box, which is taken when you sign up and despatched immediately

When will my order be despatched?

Your box will be despatched on 28th of each month or the first working day after this by Hermes, delivered in 3 working days.

Where do you ship to?

UK only, but any part of the UK so Northern Ireland and the Islands and Highlands are fine!

My box has arrived damaged?

First, we are very sorry about this.

E-mail us at info@toyl.co.uk and, if possible, attach images of the damage.

Let us know the extent of the damage and we will replace the items for you.

My box is missing an item?

We are so sorry about this.  Please let us know immediately at info@toyl.co.uk and we will send the missing item by return.

What's Patch Testing?

We strongly urge all box recipients to "patch test" any new products before using as they are intended.  Patch Testing protocols are as follows:

1.  Apply a small amount of the product behind your ear,.  If you are currently using a steroid cream, or have been taking prescribed anti-inflammatory medication, your test may not be accurate. We recommend seeking advice from your doctor before changing your skincare products, as they can give you qualified advice.

2.  Wait!  A patch test is normally left on for 24-48 hours, however if you are prone to reactions it is a good idea to leave on for 48 hours. This will allow time for delayed reactions to appear. However, if you feel any irritation at all immediately wash the product off and, if required, seek medical advice.

3.  Review results.  If there is redness, any irritation or itching then desist use immediately and seek medical advice.  

If you have a question ask us here? We'd love to help!