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What's in the Box June 18

29th May 2018

Now, I'm claiming that I've chosen products specifically for the 40+ woman so let's see if they stand up to the test.

Skincare is a really tricky one as I don't embrace the phrase "anti-ageing".  We're all different and d'you know what?  We're going to age but we all approach that with a different view.  Here, at Time of Your Life, I don't want anyone to feel that getting older is bad, it isn't, but I do want you to feel you can be the best version of yourself if that's your aim - it's certainly ours!

Anyway, Nurture Replenish was absolutely top of my list of "wants" for our box.  There are quite a few skincare brands out there that I bet you haven't heard of that are superb for the 40+ woman.  Why haven't you heard of them?  Well, some are only sold in high end clinics and some, funnily enough, have smaller marketing budgets than the big brands so can't afford the prime time adverts.   Nurture Replenish skin care is very high performance and is designed for women who are seeing their collagen decrease in their skin as the years go by.

The range is made by Healthspan (www.healthspan.co.uk), a company that originally started in nutrition and I like that they feel good nutrition is intrinsic to wellbeing.  Their Nurture Replenish range isn't organic but all their products contain natural plant oestrogens (phytoestrogens) to help replenish natural hormone levels and tackle skin changes during this time.  In other words, it's specific to the peri, during and post menopausal woman and they've really thought about their market.

Dr Hauschka's Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Essence is just a lovely product.  The brand's value is "to heal".  This runs through how they create the product (organic, for sure, but they also look at the impact their harvests make on local ecology), to how they treat staff, to reinvesting in sustainability - it's just a decent company.  We chose this product because so many of us love a de-stress in the bath.  If we're going to do that, I'd like us to have natural products there so that we don't irritate skin and can just relax in the summery fragrance of Lemon.  Bliss.

Bellapierre's Waterproof Gel Eyeliner was Lee Pycroft's inspiration for the box.  We were talking in the podcast about how to move our make up techniques on as we move past 40 - most of us haven't changed how we do our make up since teenage years.  Her suggestion for my Skinny Make Up campaign (i.e. how to do make up in under 5 mins and look decent), was to use a pencil on the top waterline of the eye under the lashes.  She explains this better than me during the podcast but it really does create a stronger look but without loads of eyeliner on the top lid.  Well done her.  Bellapierre is natural, not tested on animals (full bunny symbol certification) and is hypo-allergenic.  If a product's going that close to your eye, I would like you to have one like this, that has way less chance of irritating your eye than others.

Dr Marilyn Glenville's Meno Support Plus tablets are something that you really should try.  She absolutely knows her stuff (click HERE to see her full bio) and I've long been an admirer of hers.  She actually works in nutrition for women of all ages including pioneering work looking at nutrition and miscarriage, Endometriosis, Cystitis, fybroids, infertility, all sorts, but she kindly has given us a month's worth of her natural supplements to test.  

Finally, The Organic Pharmacy Hand Cream.  Well, all of us like a good hand cream at the bottom of our bag and if we're going to have one this has fabulous ingredients, smells marvellous and is non-greasy.  I can't bear greasy hand creams!

Your treat is from Willie's Cacao.  Dark chocolate is constantly touted as good for us and Willie's Cacao make some of the best.  It's a taste bar, so not very big, that way if the media tells us tomorrow that, actually, dark chocolate isn't great for us we're not in too deep.

So, I hope that you love the choices from this month's box and I really look forward to hearing your feedback.

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