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FOM London Anti Pollutant Skincare

28th December 2018

It's Spaaaaaa time!

Ok, It's skincare change time but why are we bothering?  

Skin is the body's largest organ (this often comes up in pub quizzes so no need to thank me when you get this one right) but it is subject to a whole load of challenges that impact it.  Pollution is becoming such a feature of skin and how skin can be negatively impacted by what touches it as much as what we put into our bodies that we need to start taking this seriously.  What we absorb through our skin in the air has a massive impact and we're not just talking sun here, although you'd think so with the amount of coverage UV gets versus pollution.

So, let's look at what pollution can do:

1. Fine particulate matter known as PM2.5 is way smaller than your pore size, so can get into the skin causing inflammation that accelerates the development of skin pigmentation spots and fine lines.

2.  Olay ran a survey of 200 women and despite some of the urbanites having better lifestyles they found "those living in the highly polluted district had significantly worse skin hydration than subjects living in the cleaner air suburbs"

3.  The same survey found that the urbanites had "lower levels of important ‘biomarkers’ which indicate a compromised skin barrier function".

There's no question that skincare is likely to have a "pollution barrier rating" on it soon, in the same way that you can get a UV factor.  Now, the jury's a bit out on whether this is a gimmick or whether we need it but we do know that skin is impacted by pollution and we also know that skin likes a mix up of products.  So, I've chosen to change your skincare around this month with FOMLondon.

Who?  You say.

FOMLondon found HERE

The Founder of FOMLondon is Zaga Colovic and I first had contact with her last June.  She talked me through her brand and why she was focusing on pollution and I really liked what she was doing with skincare.  FOMLondon is based around silk protein and the protective and restorative powers that it can offer skin, as a natural product plus it ticks the following boxes:

1.  Made in England - this is good as we have very strict rules on what can go into products.  You know it's well made

2.  Cruelty Free - not tested on animals

3.  ALL packaging components can be recycled

It is high quality stuff.  The ingredients say it, the pricing says it but do patch test on yourself before you try it on your face.  Patch test means put a tiny bit of each product behind your ear or in the crook of your elbow and leave for 48 hours.  If it irritates or goes red, wash off and return it to me.  If fine, put on face.  The point being, we don't want mass irritation on your face with a new product.

All three products are in the box as they are designed to be used together.  I'd top off with a sunscreen and you should too.  Yes, even in January when you think there is no sun at all.  It's there, lurking, and you should get into the habit now!

So try, it, let me know what you think and get going with the body brushing.  It's chemical free and will make a huge difference come spring - trust me!

If you have a question ask us here? We'd love to help!