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What's in the Box August 18

18th July 2018

Well, well, lookey here!

If I say so myself I think this is quite a good one, but you'll be the judge of that!

This month, we have over £90 worth of value in the box for your £24.99 even better, every one of them is an award winning brand.  I'm attempting to look modest over here, without much success, so let's just dive right in.

Margaret Dabbs Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion (200ml/RRP £25) is an absolute coup.  Margaret doesn't usually go into boxes and certainly not with her full size products but we weedled our way around her and she loves what we do so there you are.  For those of who don't know Margaret is a globally-redognised specialist in foot care with 9 clinics around the World (including one in Dubai) and this is both her favourite and best-selling product.  I thought that our feet have probably been out and about a fair bit in the recent sunny spell and so are probably in need of a bit of TLC by now.  Interestingly (well, I think so), feet fair better in socks and boots - it's the warmth and moisture, you see.  Anyway, we digress.  This lotion visibly moisturises the skin of the feet, leaving them silky, illuminated and light. With the signature ingredient of Emu Oil and the scent of lemon myrtle it's a summer winner.

So, having looked at feet I thought we'd also travel up a bit and look at legs, as they're probably out at present as well.  Mine are and when I look down they are dry.  Not nice.  ThisWorks Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil (80ml/RRP £25.00) is your answer this summer.  It's a specific leg oil as it's designed to massively increase hydration and the sheen on legs, without being sticky.  It's an award-winning product and comes in a light spray making it ideal for everyday application.

Now what we need is a spot of colour so I've gone with Leighton Denny's Nail Polish in Bon Voyage (12ml/ RRP £12.00).  Leighton has built his brand from being a session nail technician to a multi-million pound brand and I'm thrilled for him.  In his early days I had a nail salon which stocked his products and he came down in person to launch the brand and do an evening with customers.  A true professional.  Anyway, pop of colour for hands and feet as we're always more adventurous in summer. 

I've also popped in Leighton Denny's Slick Tips (12ml /RRP £12.00).  My reasoning is that cuticles get dry all year round, but on hols you've got a bit of a moment on the beach to massage in a bit of cuticle oil.  I'm not sure if it's the oil or the massage action that stimulates grow and helps strengthen nails, but what I do know is that nails need moisture so this will see you right through the change of seasons as well.  Pop a bit on after the colour and you'll see the difference it makes.

The final box product is St Tropez's Self Tan Express Face Sheet Mask (single use / RRP £7.50).  Now, don't be afraid of this product, it's dead easy, you won't look odd and it will make your skin look great!  Basically, the longer you leave this mask on, the darker your skin will go.  I'd also move the product around a bit once you take the mask off to ensure that it's even all over and wash your hands pronto.  Follow the instructions for a fabulous summer glow!

But wait!  There's just one more treat!  I've popped in an Aromatherapy Associate 9ml Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil (RRP £9.00).  I love their bath and shower oils are they are incredibly concentrated.  This one is designed to give you a little juzzzz in the morning to get you up and out with a perky smile.

So that's it, August in a box.  

Hope you love it and look forward to catching up soon!

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