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Welcome to Time of Your Life!

28th May 2018

Brilliant!  Welcome!

How fantastic that you've found this page and I am so excited to see you here!

I'm Karen and I've been involved in beauty PR and creating beauty boxes for over 20 years.  The beauty box market is pretty strong, but I wanted to put a twist on it so Time of Your Life isn't just about having some great beauty (or lifestyle) goodies turn up on your doorstep, I wanted to go deeper than that offer the 40+ woman and interactive beauty/lifestyle box that turns up every month to give you a lift, a laugh and maybe some useful information that you didn't know before.

So, this site is about several things as follows:

Having products that are specific or relevant to the 40+ woman

Having products that relate to our podcasts and videos so you know why they are relevant to you - it could be an eye pencil, it could be low-cal shakes, but they'll be intrinsic to the subject of one of the podcasts or videos and give you real food for thought.

Digging deeper in each brand with their philosophy, ingredients and brand values.  If you're buying the box you'll want to know why these brands (that you might not even have heard of) are relevant to the 40+ woman more than other brands.

Looking at subjects that are really relevant to the 40+ woman in a less "vanilla" way than you might get in print media

My other feelings are that the menopause is a huge part of the difference for women over 40, which just doesn't really touch most of our lives in our thirties.  However, while we will absolutely explore this subject, it isn't all we are, so we're looking at careers, dating, fitness, families, dealing with ageing parents, life planning, mental health and all the issues that we all think are relevant to us having a happy mid-life.

Key to this is non-judgement.  I'm only here to show you what's out there that you might not have thought of before.  I'd never mock anyone's choices (I've made enough bad ones in my time) but we look at everything so come at it with an open mind - never say never.

Clearly, the 40+ tag is fluid and if you are younger than this you are absolutely welcome to our community.  Likewise, there's no upper age limit with us, if you think you fit, you fit, but we're only looking at subjects from the 40+ woman's perspective.  

I'm 55, but I still feel as though I am somewhere in my mid thirties.  I don't identify with any tags that say "mature", "silver" or "grey" and I don't really want to "anti-age".  I want to live well at this time of life and be the best version of me I can be so that I can enjoy an active and good life as long as possible.   If you want to come along, I'd love to have you here too - welcome.

If you have a question ask us here? We'd love to help!