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Lee Pycroft Talks Beauty Over 40

4th June 2018

I'm sorry, but Lee really does look this good in real life.

She's 52.


Anyway, I've known Lee for several years.  When I was a PR she used to do the QVC presentations for a beauty brand I worked with as well as a press event or two.  The thing I've noticed about make up artists is that when they work they seem to take a lot more time and care than I do when applying make up.

Foundation?  A quick skim with the brush and I think it's done.  3-4 minutes buffing, blending and correcting is what actually should happen and so here's the thing.  When I was 16 my enlightened mother sent me to have a make up lesson in London and that has been the basis of my routine ever since.  I absolutely have not updated my skills since then, which is poor, and I think Lee has a task to do in order to get me to change.

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